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Rev KJ Blane “Lyrical Faith” Album review


Rev KJ Blane “Lyrical Faith” Album review

A new album by rev KJ blame Lyrical Faith Was released on Black Friday 2020. Reverend KJ comes through with a church service from the start. 

The first track “Devotion” starts off like we are in his church with the congregation sitting together. This is significant because throughout 2020 we have not been able to fellowship in service with each other like we normally Due to Covid pandemic. 

Second Song that pops out, is his first single off the album,“This Time”. It Is a super saucy slow bop where KJ is talking to God contemplating he will show up this time hence the records title. 

The next song that stands out is track  “Nov 27”, The story behind this track is KJ’s brother Passed away from cancer in which he releases this album on his brothers birthday, and is also an exceptional track

If you enjoy hard-core hip-hop beats melodic vibes and Deep lyrics like Bryan T, Lecrae or Bizzle you would def enjoy Lyrical Faith By Rev KJ Blane. 

Stream Lyrical Faith By Rev KJ Blane Here